Resolving Tax Challenges

Would you like us to identify strategies to save you tax, simplify bookkeeping and resolve tax and business challenges?

KMB Accountancy can help. You can feel assured that we will demonstrate our core competency in tax compliance by, not only ensuring that returns are filed correctly and on time, but also providing advice.

Resolving Tax Issues
Your business is important to us and we will ask many questions to ensure that we have properly understood your company objectives, business development and financial position

The taxation system is, at times, very complex. Our expertise can resolve challenges that may arise. If you are facing a financial issue, we will research the details and provide our professional interpretation of the situation. We will then suggest strategies to resolve the issue.

Our aim is always to ensure that you not only pay the right tax, but that we have thoroughly researched ways to minimise your liability too. This includes building awareness of tax allowances, tax relief and at times tax exemption.

Devising Exit Strategies
You may be planning to sell the business. We would be happy to work with you on various scenarios, before working on an exit strategy. We would ensure that you fully understood the taxation implications of decisions that will be made will be.

Changing Accountants
Quite often we gain instructions from new clients because the relationship with their current accountant has broken down. Common frustrations are an accountant with a weak grasp of the business position and objective, a lack of regular contact and minimal proactive advice which has led to a large tax liability or other issues.

We aim to provide a refreshing approach and an alternative offering that we hope will restore faith in professional accountancy services in High Wycombe.

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